Triple-A comes has a had a number of AI's, some obsolete and no longer included.

The EZ AI first sees if it can capture unprotected areas. Then it attacks enemies in adjacent areas. If there is no foe to directly attack, it moves towards the enemy capital nearest to your capital. It never moves tanks more than 1 area per turn. The EZ AI does not build air units and the only sea units built are transports. At sea it will attack adjacent enemies but will not otherwise move against enemy forces, regardless of superiority. Air units are only used against adjacent ground units.

The Moore AI is more ambitious. It uses naval units aggresively. It builds ships, and on occasion factories & aircraft. It will launch surprise amphibious attacks. It tries to anticipate enemy attacks and will often retreat. It uses aircraft to support attacks in non-adjacent areas.

The Moore AI still has some problems. If often launches attacks with little chance of success. It's bold attacks are often less effective in the long run than the steady stream of forces sent to the enemy capital by the EZ AI. At the current time, the Moore AI is the best AI for the game.

The Dynamix AI makes sophisticated calculations of attacks and counterattacks. It does not currently use naval forces. It is less aggressive than the Moore AI. As of now its play is inferior to the Moore AI.

Creating a good AI for A&A is difficult because of the huge number of possible moves and the inability to use a lookahead method like that used in chess programs.

Any country name which begins in "AI" to be automatically set to be AI (in addition to "Neutral"). (veqryn) Any player who's name begins with "AI" or "Neutral" will start out as Moore AI (you can still change them to human in the setup screen)(make sure you get the caps correct). So, for example: "Neutral_Poland" will begin as Moore AI, an so will "AI_Russia"

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