This objectiveAttachment option is used to set the territories that must be not have allied units in them to meet the objective.

Property Interactions: NationalObjectives - enables the use of NOs.

XML format is: <attatchment name="objectiveAttachment1" attatchTo="Americans" javaClass="games.strategy.triplea.attatchments.RulesAttachment" type="player">

<option name="objectiveValue" value="5"/>
<option name="alliedExclusionTerritories" value="France" count="1"/>


  • Multiple objectiveAttachments must be numbered incrementally at this time.
  • The objectiveValue is the number of PUs received once the objective is met.
  • The value of the alliedExclusionTerritoriesoption may be set to the following:
    • Value may be set to 'original'. All territories originally owned by the player(even enemy occupied territories) must be allied controlled
    • Value may be set to 'controlled'. No territory currently owned by the player may have allied units
    • Value may be set to 'all'. No territory currently or originally owned by the player may have allied units
    • Value set to a colon (:) separated list of specific territories

option for alliedExclusionTerritories: "controlledNoWater", which will not count water or impassible territories.

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