Axis and Allies - The Original Game Barbarossa Scenario (v1.1)

- by Drazen Kramaric (Drax) -


This is version 1.1 of this scenario. For version 1.0 click here. The only changes in the initial setup are:

  • Hawaii: BBS, CAR+FTR, SUB (1 INF and 1 TRN removed)
  • Philippines: INF (1 SUB removed; 1 INF added)

Order of Play

  • Germany
  • Commonwealth
  • Japan
  • USA
  • USSR


Germany is about to launch the campaign of all campaigns - attack on Soviet Union. Wehrmacht is deployed accordingly, but that could be also a feint. Well, after German turn everything would be clear.

British player is about to find a new powerful ally, but there is no place for false feeling of security, Empire on the Far East is very vulnerable.

Japan has to evaluate the situation. To attack, or wait? If attack, who is the best target?

US are still neutral, but it is obvious it wouldn't last long.

USSR is in very dangerous position. The years of purges weakened Red Army and all signs indicate that USSR is next in line of Hitler's victims. Could Stalin survive German onslaught?

Deployment of units/territories:

Germany (29 IPC's):

  • Germany - 4 INF, ARM, BOM, SUB, ICX, AAG
  • Southern Europe - 4 INF, ARM, BOM, BBS, SUB, TRN, ICX
  • Western Europe - 2 INF, FTR, SUB, AAG
  • Eastern Europe - 9 INF, 3 ARM, 2 FTR
  • Finland-Norway - 3 INF, FTR
  • Libya - ARM
  • Italian East Africa - INF

Commonwealth (29 IPC's):

  • United Kingdom - 3 INF, 2 ARM, FTR, BOM, BBS, 2 TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Anglo-Egypt Sudan - 2 INF, SUB
  • Gibraltar - BBS
  • India - INF, TRN
  • Australia - INF
  • Kenya-Rhodesia - INF
  • Eastern Canada
  • Western Canada
  • French Indochina-Burma
  • French Equatorial Africa
  • Belgian Congo
  • South Africa
  • Persia
  • New Zealand
  • Solomons
  • Note 1: British may not attack Japan prior round 3

unless attacked by Japanese.

  • Note 2: British may collect IPC for Persia only after

Germany and USSR are in war.

Japan (15 IPCs):

  • Japan - 3 INF, FTR, 2 BBS, CAR+FTR, 2 TRN, SUB, ICX
  • Manchuria - 2 INF
  • Kwangtung - 4 INF, FTR
  • Okinawa
  • Carolines

USA (32 IPCs):

  • East US - ARM, FTR, BBS, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • West US - ICX, AAG
  • Hawaii - BBS, CAR+FTR, SUB
  • Philippines - INF
  • China - 3 INF
  • Sinkiang - INF
  • Alaska
  • Wake
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • West Indies
  • Hawaii: BBS, CAR+FTR, SUB (changed)
  • Philippines: INF (changed)
  • Note 3: US may not attack Axis prior second round

unless attacked (attacks on Chinese do not count).

  • Note 4: US cannot collect IPCs from Brazil, Mexico,

Panama and West Indies before at war with Axis powers.

Soviet Union (27 IPCs):

  • Russia - 2 INF, ARM, FTR, ICX, AAG
  • Ukraine - 3 INF, 2 ARM, FTR
  • Karelia - 3 INF, SUB
  • Caucasus - INF
  • Soviet Far East -2 INF, SUB
  • China - INF (representing Mao's communists)
  • Kazakh
  • Novosibirsk
  • Evenki
  • Yakut


  • Algeria - INF (use German or British piece)
  • French West Africa
  • Madagascar
  • Syria-Iraq

Vichy is a neutral major power. Whomever first attack (without paying any IPCs) any of Vichy territories causes immediate transfer of remainder of territories to the other side. Vichy INF cannot move nor attack until Vichy has been attacked.


  • East Indies
  • Borneo-Celebes
  • New Guinea

Apply Vichy rule for Netherlands as well.

The game should be played according to original rules and victory conditions. If you have any questions be free to email to me. I'll be glad to respond.

This is part of a series of scenarios by Drax:

Barbarossa Pearl Harbor New 1942 Setup

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