Introducing the Cybertank

The NorAm have built two prototype cybertanks, called Mk 1s. These are already powerful units and the implication is that they will build more and larger ones, totally dominating the area.

The MidEast factions and the Russia have decided, seperately, that fast attacks will destroy the ability of NorAm to produce the new weapons. This action quickly dissolves into general war.

Unit Stats

Attack 1, Defense 2, move 2, Cost 3, can blitz, 2 transport points
Light Tank
Attack 2, Defense 1, move 3, Cost 4, can blitz, 3 transport points
Hover Tank
Attack 1, Defense 2, move 6, Cost 4, can carry 1 INF, can blitz
Heavy Tank
Attack 3, Defense 3, move 3, Cost 6, can blitz, 4 transport points
Missile Tank
Attack 4, Defense 1, move 2, Cost 6, 4 transport points
Cybertank Mk 1
Attack 4, Defense 4, move 3, Cost 16, 2-hit, can blitz, 10 transport points
Attack 2, Defense 2, move 4, Cost 8, can attack subs
Attack 3, Defense 3, move 4, Cost 12, can attack subs, can transport 1 INF, can bombard
Attack 3, Defense 2, move 2, Cost 8, is sub
Attack 0, Defense 1, move 2, Cost 8, can transport 6 points (3 INF, 2 LTs, 1 HT+1INF, 1MSL+1INF)
Heavy Transport
Attack 0, Defense 1, move 2, Cost 16, can transport 20 points (6 INF, 2 Mk 1 Cybertanks, etc)

There are no allies, there are no rules other than normal Triple A rules. Win.

Victory Conditions: Every nation starts with 7 VCs, to win get 15.


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