Axis and Allies Pacific Introducing Dive Bomber and Torpedo Plane

- by Spruance -

Dive Bomber

All countries can build the new Dive Bomber unit. It has the following stats:

  • Attack: 4 against surface ships, 3 against submarines, 2 against ground units
  • Defend: 2
  • Move: 4
  • Cost: 12 IPCs
  • A dive bomber counts as 1 fighter for Aircraft Carrier space consumption purposes.

NOTE (by thrasher) : Can a dive bomber attack air units (as no value for attacks against air units is given)?

Torpedo Plane Rule #1: Seperate Unit

This new unit has the following stats:

  • Attack: 4* against ships, 2 against all other units
  • Defend: 3
  • Move: 4
  • Cost: 12 IPCs
  • First round a torpede plane attacks it attacks at a 4. Then every round it continues the battle (does not withdraw) it attacks at a 2.

NOTES (by thrasher) : Spruance did not mention it but I suppose a torpedo plane counts as 1 fighter for Aircraft Carrier space consumption purposes. Spruance also did not mention which countries can build these units so I guess all countries can.

Torpedo Plane Rule #2: Assign a fighter to act as a torpedo plane

An attacking player can assign any fighter to act like a torpedo plane. Assigned fighters attack at a 4 against ships the first ruond of combat. All later rounds they attack at a 2 against ships.

These rules first appeared in Don Rae's Axis and Allies Pacific Forum. The Dive Bomber Rule was posted June 11 2001. The Torpede Plane Rule was posted June 12 2001.

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