This variant introduces new IPC-values for certain areas in the Pacific. The goal is to make this area more interesting and further, to shift the balance a bit to the Axis. The IPC-less Japanese and American islands now have an IPC-value. Further, the value of Alaska and Australia was increased. For the US and the UK these increases have been 'corrected' by decreasing the value of other areas so that the net result is zero. For Japan this is not the case: Japan now starts at 28 instead of 25.

Adjusted IPC-values

United States

Alaska: 3 IPCs (+1)

Midway Island: 2 IPCs (+2)

Hawaiian Islands: 3 IPCs (+2)

Western USA: 8 IPCs (-2)

Eastern USA: 9 IPCs (-3)

Net Change: 0 US initial IPC-level: 36


Japan: 5 IPCs (-3)

Okinawa: 2 IPCs (+1)

Wake 1 IPC (+1)

Borneo Celebes: 2 IPCs (+1)

New Guinea: 2 IPCs (+1)

Solomon Islands: 1 IPC (+1)

Net Change: +3

Japanese initial IPC-level: 28


United Kingdom: 7 IPCs (-1)

Australia: 3 IPCs (+1)

Net Change: 0

UK initial IPC-level: 30

Normal values

Midway: 0 Wake: 0 Carolines: 0 Solomon: 0 Hawaii: 1 Okinawa: 1 Borneo: 1 New Guinea: 1

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