Axis and Allies Europe New Prices

- by General Robert -


Many Axis & Allies players are familiar with the XENO games expansion for the Original Game. Units were priced differently for each power. In Axis Europe how about trying this... The prices for some units are changed. Also the combat values of some German land units are changed. Finally a new rule for Battleship and Carrier construction is added.

New Prices


  • Infantry: 2
  • Armor: 4
  • Artillery: 3

United Kingdom

  • Transport: 6
  • Battleship: 21
  • Aircraft Carrier: 15
  • Fighter: 11

United States

  • Transport: 6
  • Battleship: 21
  • Aircraft Carrier: 15
  • Fighter: 10
  • Bomber: 12


  • U-boat: 6
  • Fighter: 10
  • Bomber: 17

New Combat values for German units

  • Infantry: attack the same, but defend on a 3
  • Armor: attack on a 4; no change to defense value
  • NOTE: The increased cost of Bombers would help the Russians if Germany was interested in a strategic bombing Campaign against them.

Special Rules for Battleship and Carrier construction

These two naval units would need two turns to be constructed to reflect a bit of realism.

NOTE (by thrasher): What happens when the seazone containing a ship that is only halve finished is attacked? Can such a ship be captured in anyway?

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