Download Axis and Allies - The Original Game

Pearl Harbor Scenario

- by Drazen Kramaric (Drax) -

Order of Play

The scenario starts in December 1941. The sequence of play is slightly modified:

  • Japan
  • USA
  • USSR
  • Germany
  • Commonwealth


The world situation shows Japan already in war with China but leaves up to Japanese player what course of action should be taken: attack US Pacific fleet, European colonial possessions, Soviet Union or some combination. US player would start normally regardless of Japanese move. It is assumed that US is o longer villing to tolerate Axis agression in Asia or Atlantic. Soviet Union is about to launch its powerfull counteroffensive at Moscow that historically saved Soviet capital. Germany is in critical point of ts war adventure. The blitzkrieg is about to be beaten in gates of Moscow and new powerfull enemy is on horizont... United Kingdom is safe for a moment, but British Empire is once again threatened. This time from Far East when Sun is about to Rise...

Deployment of units/territories:

Japan (15 IPCs):

  • Japan - 2 INF, BOM, 2 BBS, CAR+FTR, TRN, ICX
  • Manchuria - 3 INF
  • Kwangtung - 4 INF, FTR
  • Carolines - INF, SUB, TRN
  • Okinawa

USA (34 IPCs):

  • East US - 1 ARM, FTR, BBS, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Hawaii - BBS
  • Philippines - 1 INF, SUB
  • China - 3 INF
  • Sinkiang - 1 INF
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • West Indies
  • Wake

Note: Since Brazil and Mexico were not in war prior US turn, US starts without their IPCs. At the end of turn, US player collects IPCs from these two territories normally.

Soviet Union (21 IPCs):

  • Russia - 10 INF, 2 ARM, FTR, ICX, AAG
  • Karelia - 4 INF, SUB
  • Soviet Far East -2 INF, SUB
  • China - INF (representing Mao's communists)
  • Kazakh
  • Novosibirsk
  • Evenki
  • Yakut

Germany (34 IPCs):

  • Germany - 3 INF, ARM, BOM, SUB, ICX, AAG
  • Southern Europe - 4 INF, FTR, BOM, BBS, SUB, TRN, ICX
  • Western Europe - 2 INF, ARM, FTR, SUB,AAG
  • Eastern Europe - 3 INF, ARM, FTR
  • Ukraine - 5 INF, 2 ARM, FTR
  • Finland-Norway - 3 INF, FTR
  • Libya - INF, ARM
  • Caucasus - 4 INF, ARM

Commonwealth (31 IPCs):

  • United Kingdom - 3 INF, ARM, FTR, BOM, BBS, TRN, ICX, AAG
  • Eastern Canada - INF, TRN
  • Anglo-Egypt Sudan - INF, ARM, SUB
  • Gibraltar - BBS
  • India - INF, TRN
  • French Indochina-Burma - INF
  • Australia - INF
  • Kenya-Rhodesia - INF
  • Western Canada
  • French Equatorial Africa
  • Belgian Congo
  • Italian East Africa
  • South Africa
  • Syria-Iraq
  • Persia
  • New Zealand
  • Solomons


  • Algeria - INF (use German piece)
  • French West Africa
  • Madagascar

Vichy is a neutral major power. Whomever first attack (without paying any IPCs) any of Vichy territories causes immediate transfer of remainder of territories to the other side. Vichy INF cannot move nor attack until Vichy has been attacked.


  • East Indies
  • Borneo-Celebes
  • New Guinea

Apply Vichy rule for Netherlands as well.

The game should be played according to original rules and victory conditions.

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