Russian Spring

   This is a mod of NWO 1.8.7.

This provides a challenging game against the Moore AI with you playing Russia.

Scenario: A new leader overthrows Stalin and declares Russia neutral. Smaller neutral countries join with Russia, creating a huge empire.

In alarm, all other world powers unite against this new threat. As the tide turns, panicked capitalists donate bombers to help. Changes from standard NWO:

  • Russia moves first, and begins with $210
  • Each of the eight anti-Russian capitols gets one free bomber per turn
  • During turns 11-20, each enemy capitol gets two free bombers per turn
  • After turn 20, each enemy capitol gets four free bombers per turn
  • At turn 4, when red-dot units appear, Russia also gains Me262 and B29
  • To help the AI at sea, all ships act as transports (except subs and tboats). Cannot buy new transports.
  • The lone Russian Caspian sea transport moved to Black Sea

This map maximizes the AI's few advantages over humans. The large, complex map with multiple theatres is hard for a human to fully grasp, but the AI always seeks out and exploits any weakness. The AI's large navies and bomber fleets allow for far-reaching attacks. In the crowded eastern European theatre, any miscalculation by the human will result in an overrun forward stack and a likely loss.

The Spanish and NW African theatres will distract the world powers at first. Once lost, a major influx of ground and amphibious attacks will begin against Russia proper. A game you're confidently winning at round 5 can be lost by round 10 — such upsets are normally rare when fighting the AI, but are common in Russian Spring. The escalating free-bomber grant forces you to quickly outplay the AI.

For the OCD human player, this map allows you to unite the entire world under a single map color and finish with all techs and all units grouped together.