by Ralph LaPietra

Originally published in Battleplan #3


Airborne units cost 1 more than their normal counterparts. They may be carried by bombers.

Each plane may carry 2 airborne infantry or 1 airborne armor. For each dropped unit roll 2D6, eliminating it on a 2 or 12. Airborne units can be used to capture unoccupied enemy territories, otherwise they can't attack alone.


The German player may build SS units for 1 IPC extra. SS infantry attacks & defends at 2. SS armor attacks & defends at 3.


Infantry may be motorized for 1, either then built or when it begins its turn at a factory. Motorized infantry move 2 and can blitz.


Japanese fighters can launch Kamikaze attacks. They choose an enemy surface unit and destroy is on 1-4. The Kamikaze is removed and can't be used to satisfy normal combat losses.


Only the US player may buy marines. They cost 1/2 extra and must therefore be bought in pairs. They function as normal infantry with the exception that when attempting an amphibious landing they attack at 2. No more than 1/2 of the infantry units may be marines. The marine bonus is lost if their landing is combined with other infantry or armor.

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