Axis and Allies Europe Summer 1942 Scenario

- by Hostile Spice -


This scenario was created by HostileSpice. It is not yet balanced.

Initial Setup


  • Finland: 3inf
  • Vyborg: 2inf
  • Baltic: 6inf, 2rtl, 1ftr
  • Belarus: 14inf, 2arm, 2rtl
  • Ukraine: 13inf, 6arm, 4rtl, 1ftr
  • Crete: 1inf
  • Yugoslavia: 1inf
  • Greece: 2inf
  • N.Italy: 1inf
  • S.Italy: 1inf, 1arm
  • Norway: 5inf, 1ftr
  • Denmark: 1inf
  • Germany: 1ftr, 1bmr
  • Belgium: 2 inf
  • France: 4inf, 1ftr
  • Morocco: 1inf
  • Algeria: 1inf
  • Tunisia: 1inf
  • Libya: 3inf, 1arm, 1rtl
  • Danish Sea: 2dstr, 2trns, 4subs
  • Norway Sea: 4subs
  • Bay of Biscay: 4 subs
  • Tyhrenian Sea: 1dstr, 1bshp, 1trns
  • Central Mediterranean: 1dstr, 1trns


  • Karelia: 4inf
  • Leningrad: 4inf, 1arm, 1rtl, 1ftr
  • Archangel: 2inf
  • Russia: 6inf
  • Moscow: 8inf, 2arm, 2rtl, 1ftr
  • Turkmenistan: 4inf
  • Stalingrad: 6inf, 2rtl
  • Caucasus: 5inf
  • Siberia: 16inf
  • White Sea: 1trns, 1sub

United Kingdom

  • Canada: 1 arm
  • London: 7inf, 1arm, 2ftr, 1bmr,
  • Egypt: 3inf, 1arm, 2rtl
  • Syria: 1inf
  • Iraq: 1inf
  • Palestine: 1inf
  • Davis Sea: 1dstr, 1trns
  • North Sea: 1dstr, 1bshp, 1trns
  • Celtic Sea: 1dstr, 1trns
  • Gibraltar: 1dstr, 1bshp, 1trns
  • Eastern Mediterranean: 1dstr, 1trns


  • USA: 6inf, 1arm, 1ftr, 1bmr
  • USA Eastern Seazone: 2dstr, 2trns

The Scale

This is the scale I used for AAEurope

  • 1 infantry = 3 infantry divisions
  • 1 armor = 3 armor or mechanized infantry divisions
  • 1 fighter or 1 bomber = 500 planes
  • 1 submarine = 10 submarines
  • 1 artillery designates an infantry army

I couldn't make heads or tails of the boats in AAEurope and I am also unsure about the planes and subs. The planes might be equal to 1000 planes. For both games (A&A Europe and A&A Pacific) this scale is only approximate. The games are set up vaguely resembling the orders of battle and I had to guess by totaling up the pieces and matching them up to a similar number of units.

Hostile Spice:

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